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It is a slightly lighter shaft than traditional options and has a mid low flex point that helps create a higher trajectory. The AP1 irons are also offered with the Aldila VS Proto T 75 graphite shaft, which can be helpful for players with moderate and slower swing speeds. The AP2 irons come with the heavier Dynamic Gold shaft, which helps to provide a more penetrating trajectory, better feedback and is more suited to stronger players.

Remember that most wholesale businesses will not offer the best deal right away; it is only after some price negotiation sessions, that you will be able to convince them to sell at a price that suits you and your business.There are some points that you must remember and utilize, whenever you are about to buy from wholesalers or any other trade supplier. At first you might not succeed, but with more and more practice and some adjustment in your negotiating techniques, you will start seeing the results. As a general rule, remember the following points when negotiating for best price.To start with, you should not appear too excited or too interested in the products they are offering, even if you are eager to get your hands on the products.

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