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Consider the size and weight of the laptop computer. A very small, lightweight, ultra portable laptop computer is good for when you’re on the go, but it will probably have a smaller keyboard and display, a slower processor, a smaller hard drive and less RAM than a larger computer. Larger laptop computers are good for entertainment, gaming, graphics processing and video editing, but will be somewhat more expensive and more difficult to transport.

The hardware in the Samsung I7500 is much better than in previous Google Android Devices. The specifications are much better than both the HTC Dream (G1) and the HTC Magic (G2).Besides all these hardware upgrades, the Samsung I7500 has the best multimedia capabilities of any Android phone currently available on the market. For example it sports a superb 5 MP camera with autofocus and a LED flash a vast improvement on the G1 and G2’s 3.2 MP cameras.

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