For your customized research needs we leverage our consulting arm, Agility Research & Strategy. Agility is a full service custom market research and strategy firm focused on delivering deep insights on Affluent Consumers for premium and luxury brands and companies that want to ‘premiumize’ their products and services. The Agility team is made up of industry experts who work with different methodologies across geographies and across verticals – including luxury goods, retail, financial services, travel and hospitality, alcoholic beverages and consumer goods.
Clients come back to us for our deep sense of commitment to answering their business problems, our highly personalized and agile service levels and our ability to connect with Affluent Consumers. We recruit respondents from our LuxeTalk digital community, through custom recruitment, through our trusted partners, or using contact lists provided by clients.


We regularly run large regional market research and consulting programs which cover over 35 markets in the Asia Pacific, Europe and North America with Affluent and hard to reach audiences.

Contact us with your custom research needs or business challenges, and we can create the right solutions for you.

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